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aka Frozen Terror
Directed by Lamberto Bava
Cast - Bernice Stegers, Stanko Molnar, Veronica Zinny, Roberto Posse
  The movie opens with this claim "Inspired by a series of events that took place in New Orleans, several years ago". Jane (Stegers) is out having an affair with her boyfriend Fred. Meanwhile her 14 year old daughter decides to drown her younger brother Michael, and then phone her mother about this so called accident. Jane rushes home with her boyfriend, only to wind up in an accident herself that decapitates Fred. Talk about having a "bad day". One year later, Jane is released from the mental hospital and lives in the room she used to rent for her sexual affairs. Her landlord is a kind hearted,  young blind guy named Robert, who has a thing for Jane. Soon after Jane's arrival, Robert notices the sound of love making coming from her room at night, yet she's the only one there... or is she? Robert finally discovers that Jane has her boyfriend's severed head locked away in her freezer, and realizes she's a necrophiliac.
  MACABRE is a very slow moving horror film, that gets off to a good start, and has a cool ending. It's the sixty odd minutes during the middle of the film that may put you to sleep. There's never any doubt that Jane isn't playing with a full deck, and if you rent to US release called Frozen Terror ,the video cover shows the head in the freezer. Therefore you have little mystery in this film. Jane's daughter Lucky is an interesting character, that's alternately sneaky and evil. The film never really builds any kind of suspense and it's pretty dull. If you do manage to stay awake through this thing, there are some tasty bits at the end, including Jane making love to a severed head. Recommended viewing for fans of European horror who can stay awake through anything.

-T. Luster