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Directed by Dan Golden
Cast - Krista Allen, Joanna Pacula, James Brolin, Don Stroud

  A cargo ship visually spots another vessel that for some strange reason  does not show up on radar. Upon closer obsevation it's discovered that  the ship has no crew and seems abandoned. The captian-(Brolin) sends half  his crew to the other ship, including his first mate-(Pacula) and a young researcher-(Allen) who's father happens to own the company they all work for. Once aboard, they discover a crate with ancient solid gold artifacts. One of these is a statue of an Aztec serpent god, that possesses one of  the crew members and turns him into a vicious reptilian monster. One by one the crew gets slaughtered by this evil creature. Naturally conventional firearms have little effect on the beast, and another method must be found to destroy it.

  Here's another Roger Corman produced film that isn't too bad. Made on what appears to be a small budget, this is an entertaining monster flick.  While the story unfolds, their are flashbacks to the orgins of the golden artifacts. It's also a great excuse to have Krista Allen in a dual role that allows us to see her ample bare breasts! The monster costume is OK, but is rather clumsy looking at times, and looks like it would fit  right in on an episode of ULTRAMAN. The are some gory death scenes to  amuse you as well. For a recent direct to video effort, this is a decent schlock film. Recommended for those of us into monsters and cheap thrills.

-T. Luster