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aka Dangerous Obsession
Directed by Lucio Fulci
Cast - Blanca Marsillach, Brett Halsey, Corinne Clery, Stefano Madia, Bernard Seray, Paula Molina

  Here's a tasty sleaze effort from legendary horror director Lucio Fulci. Young Jessica (Marsillach) is in love with Johnny, a saxophone player who has some demanding sexual fetishes. Johnny does whatever he pleases with Jessica, and despite her protests, she always comes back for more. During one of their playful routines, Johnny falls of his motorcycle and bangs his head on stone. Hours later Johnny collapses and is rushed to the hospital. Along with this story, we see Dr. Simpson (Halsey) who is a philandering doctor that spends his spare time with prostitutes and ignores his attractive wife Carol (Clery). Fed up with his screwing around with other women, Carol gives him the riot act and informs him that she wants a divorce. As bad timing would have it, this happens just as the doctor is on his way to operate on Johnny. Once in the emergency room, Dr. Simpson is distracted and shaking. As a result, Johnny dies. Jessica then begins to stalk the doctor and eventually kidnaps him.

  If you were to take this film too seriously, it would come off as being depressing and perverted. I found this film to be unintentionally hilarious, and enjoyably sleazy. The story mixes in flashbacks of Jessica's unusual sexual encounters with Johnny, along with her abuse of Dr. Simpson. At one point, she chains up him up like a dog, and feeds him dog food. All the time this is happening, the doctor begins to not fear Jessica, and falls in love with her. Is nothing too kinky for this guy? As the film progresses, Jessica comes full circle with her sexual antics, and ultimately becomes what Johnny was to her. This is a nudity filled softcore drama with enough kinky twists to keep you amused. Highly recommended for fans of trashy softcore films.

- T. Luster