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 (aka Miami Golem)
 Directed by Alberto de Martino (as Martin Herbert)
Cast - David Warbeck, Laura Trotter, John Ireland, Lawrence Loddi
  A scientist and his crew have taken organic material from a meteorite and created a microscopic life form. David Warbeck is a reporter who interviews this crew and documents their discovery. Hours later, the entire lab crew is brutally shot to death and the life form is stolen. Political hoodlum John Ireland has plans to develop this life form into a super power that will enable him to rule the world (or so he thinks). Meanwhile, Warbeck is confronted by an attractive human looking alien (Trotter) to help them destroy this life form, which now has became a nasty looking red eyed fetus with enormous telekinetic powers.
  Despite having a lot of plot flaws, this is a decent low budget Italian horror film. Warbeck plays his role to the hilt as a hard nosed reporter willing to save the world. Laura Trotter rewards viewers with a couple of nice nude scenes. The one thing that does drag this film down a bit, is the hired assassin who skillfully dispatches an entire lab crew, but can't seem to put in bullet in Warbeck. The special effects are cheap but effective. Most of the film centers around Warbeck figuring out things that the police should be handling. Compared to today's direct to video films this is a good movie, but compared to other Italian horror classics it's just OK. Recommended for fans of European horror films who don't expect a great movie.