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Directed by Robert A. Burns
Cast - Terry Evans, Catherine Molloy, Mitch Peleggi, Jonathan M. Ingraffia, John Dodson, Rachel Winfree, Andy Tiemann, Aldo Ray, Daniel Medina
  Here's a low budget horror film shot in Austin, Texas. A cast of misfits living in this boarding house have a problem with one of the other tenant's dog. This nasty looking hound constantly growls and barks at everyone. One day, this moron called Toad decides to tease the hound by waving fresh meat in it's face. The dogs breaks free of it's chain and attacks the guy, only to be shot to death by one of the other tenants. Soon after this event, Jerry (Evans) starts having nightmares about this beast coming back from the dead and mauling people to death. Sure enough, the cast starts turning up dead and it would appear that an animal tore them up.
  Looking for a good low budget horror film? Then by all means avoid this one. MONGREL is laughably bad film, with annoying characters, and an incredibly stupid plot twist that ruins the whole films. Here, let me spoil it for you. Jerry received this medallion as a gift, and becomes possessed by the dog's spirit. He then growls and attacks folks like an animal and it's every bit as dumb as it sounds! There is a little bloodshed here and there, but nothing it's nothing special. I'm having trouble with the fact that somebody actually made this film and thought to themselves "Yep, this movie will scare folks". This is a very bad low budget film, that I could not find anything good to say about it. Not recommended period.

-T. Luster