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Directed by Gary Jones
Cast - Gunnar Hansen, Ron Asheton, Rachel Loiselle, Tim Lovelace, Steve Dixon

  An alien space ship crashes into a swamp located in a national park. Mosquitos begin feeding from an alien corpse, and grow as large as eagles. At night, a nearby camp ground comes under attack from these large flying bloodsuckers. The following morning, an air force meteorologist and a young couple find the corpse ridden camp. One park ranger survived and convinces the others to grab one of the camper's RV. and drive into the city for help. While on their way, they stop assist a couple of guys, who turn out to be criminals on the run. After this near fatal altercation they're back on the road. The swarm of giant mosquitos attack the vehicle from all sides, and eventually cause it to crash. After the group of survivors manage to fight off the horde until daybreak, when they find an isolated farm house and prepare for the night's oncoming battle.
  MOSQUITO is a decent low budget film that delivers the goods. The special effects consist of stop motion effects mixed in with impressive looking props. The giant mosquito attacks are great, as they impale their prey with very large proboscis and drain their blood. The film has some cool gore scenes, including a guy getting a proboscis stuck through his eye and a naked woman getting it on her ass. When the film's characters are preparing for the final battle, horror veteran Gunnar Hansen picks up a chainsaw and says "I haven't used one of these in 20 years". This is a fun movie that doesn't dwell on plot or character development long enough to get boring. Recommended viewing for horror fans who want to see a good giant bug flick.