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Directed by Rene Cardona
Cast - Armando Silvestre, Norma Lazareno, Joe Elias Moreno, Noelia Noel, Carlos Lopez Moctezuma, Agustin Solares, Javier Rizo, Gina Morett
  Here's a gory, exploitive Mexican horror classic. In an effort to cure his ailing son Julio, Dr.Krauman tranqulizes and kidnaps a gorilla from the local zoo. He then gives his son the gorilla's heart in an operation. No sooner than the Doc declares his son is getting well, Julio transforms into a goofy looking, gorilla faced monster and goes on a killing spree. The monster likes to rip the clothes off women before killing them. Meanwhile, a detective and his professional wrestler girlfriend get involved with the case. As soon as the Doc realizes his mistake, he goes to the hospital and kidnaps a brain damaged ex-female wrestler for another heart transplant operation on his son. Too bad it doesn't work.
  This is easily one of the most enjoyable Mexican horror films ever made. The odd mixture of several bouts of female wrestling, and bloody monster mayhem, are a lot of fun. This film used real scenes of open heart surgery, that nicely offset the other cheap looking gore effects, which there are plenty of. One scene in particular features some Mortado style Occular Trauma. This film is just like the monster movies made on the 1950s, except it's got gore, screaming naked females and wrestling. The monster kills for no apparent reason, and the cops finally nail the sucker, at the end. Recommended viewing for horror fans or those of us into cheap thrills.