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Directed by Leon Klimovsky
Cast - Paul Naschy, Alberto De Mendoza, Nadiuska, Teresa Gimpera, Julia Saly, Maria Perschy, Tomas Pico, Diana Polakov, Emiliano Redondo
  A group of wealthy gentlemen visit a secluded mansion that's known as a house of pleasure. While having fun with wine and women, a nuclear war has started. Fortunately the mansion has a huge cellar that everyone hides in for a few months. Once the groups thinks it's safe to go outside, they discover that all the other survivors are now blind. The men decide to go into town to get supplies and have a run-in with the some of the wandering blind. One of them shoots a blind guy dead, and this sets off an angry reaction with the rest of the blind folks. They gather themselves into a blood thirsty horde, and travel out to the mansion to seek revenge.
  You could almost call this a "Night Of The Living Dead" clone with blind people instead of zombies, but it's actually pretty good. Unlike most of Paul Naschy's films, he plays one of the film's protagonists this time. Fighting blind people may not sound so scary, but imagine if they out numbered you something like 30 to 1? The film features some great scenes of bloody violence, including some Mortado style Occular Trauma. The lovely cast of actresses (and this is a fine bunch) have a few brief nude scenes towards the beginning of the film. As the film closes, it has one of those grim reality endings, that makes the film that much more effect. Recommended viewing for fans of European horror.

-T. Luster