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SPASMS   1982
 Directed by William Fruet
 Cast - Peter Fonda, Oliver Reed, Karrie Keane, Al Waxman
  Millionaire Jason Kincaid (Reed) is haunted by visions of this killer snake, that had killed his brother-in-law, and bit him. Kincaid has this psychic link with the serpent, and can see through it's eyes. He hires somebody to go to the island where it is worshiped as a God, and bring it back to the states. This is no ordinary snake. A legend claims that this is a serpent from hell, that awakens every seven years to wreck havoc on the island's natives. Kincaid hires a university rofessor,Dr.Brazilian (Fonda) to study the psychic link between him and the snake. Shortly after the snakes arrives at the local university, It breaks out, thanks to an ill fated attempt to steal it by some dimwit, hired by a leader of a snake worshipping cult. The cult leader claims "the great serpent is the incarnation of our master".-(yeah,whatever..). Now this vicious creature is on the loose and killing at will.

  This Canadian made killer snake flick isn't too bad. You never get a good look at the creature, until the film's end. What stands out in this movie is the brutal attack scenes, and some decent gore effects. The snake's venom causes people's flesh to bubble and ooze. The attack scenes are seen through the serpent's eyes, as they are also seen by the psychic linked Kincaid. The film is often suspensful, and never really gets boring. However there's should've been more snake action, rather than watching Oliver Reed make goofy expressions, Oops! I mean acting. The special effects are OK, and there is one nude scene. Recommended viewing for horror fans in the mood for a killer snake flick.

-T. Luster