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 (aka Exquisite Tenderness)
 Directed by Carl Schenkel
 Cast - Isabel Glasser, James Remar, Sean Haberle, Malcolm Mcdowell, Peter Boyle, Charles Dance, Mother Love
  The film takes place at a hospital in Vancouver, British Columbia. Dr Theresa McCann (Glasser) is at odds with Dr Stein (McDowell) over a new medical procedure that he's using. One of Dr Stein's patients turns up dead after McCann steps in and orders dialysis treatment. What really happens is former resident Dr Julian Matar (Haberle) shows up and starts killing off patients and staff, in graphic detail. Matar was fired for unauthorized experiments with patients, and has discovered how to cure seemingly mortal injuries. But at what price? It turns out that Matar needs human pituitary fluid from the brain, and goes on an extraction spree with his very large syringe. Meanwhile, we learn that McCann and Matar were lover's before his dismissal.
  THE SURGEON is a pretty decent psycho horror film. Sean Haberle manages to be a convincing nutcase without over doing it. There are some good gore effects, but the most effective chills come from Matar himself. He breaks his own hand to escape from hand cuffs, and he shoves his giant needle into people's noses to extract fluid from the brain. The film sets up a variety of would be victims in the hospital. It's not too hard to figure out who's going to get it. There's not much nudity in this film, besides
a swimming pool scene with Glasser and Remar (Hey James, is that water cold?) The film's ending does have a predictable twist to it. My only real gripe was during the ending credits, some annoying idiot starts going on about this fabulous offer, after the film. He isn't funny and the offer isn't that great (Oh gee, I really want a surgeon outfit, duh!). Recommended viewing for horror fans who like medical psycho flicks.

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