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Directed by Jim Wynorski
Cast - Talisa Soto, Roger Daltrey, Richard Joseph Paul, Corinna Harney

Thirty centuries ago, on the planet Drakulon, the evil Vlad (Daltrey) and his gang slaughter the planet's leaders and escape into outer space. They head for earth, as the rest of the story takes place 3000 years later. Unknown to them, the daughter of one of the leaders follows but has problems with her ship and is stranded on Mars. Fortunately a rocket ship from earth brings the woman back to our planet. Vampirella (Soto) has a score to settle with Vlad and his vampire gang. She meets up with a leader of the covert military operation called PURGE, who are dedicated to killing vampires. Being one herself, she manages to convince Adam Van Helsing (Paul) that Vlad and his gang have mutated since coming to earth and that true Drakulons do not fear daylight or religious icons. This sets the stage for the final confrontation, as Vlad has plans to dominate earth with his vampire brood.

VAMPIRELLA is a comic book like sci-fi adventure, based on the character created by Forrest J. Ackerman. It's not an erotic film, even though Talisa Soto is quite appealing as Vampirella. It's not a gory film either, as there isn't much blood being spilled though out the film. The story moves quickly and the action scenes are decent. It would appear that the only reason the film has a "R" rating would be for a few brief topless shots (none by Soto). Roger Daltrey has fun with his role and hams it up big time.
 Made very much like a super hero film, it's an enjoyable effort that never gets boring. Recommended viewing for fans of low budget sci-fi/action movies.