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Directed by Jess Franco
Cast - Soledad Miranda (as Susann Korda), Ewa Stromberg, Dennis Price, Paul Muller, Heidrun Kussin, Michael Berling, Victor Feldman

  Lynda and her boyfriend Omar are at a nightclub, watching Soledad Miranda and this other woman in a performance art routine. It's a surreal act with Miranda making lesbian love to this woman, who pretends to be a mannequin. Soon after seeing this show, Lynda is haunted by visions of this woman in her dreams. She goes to this island estate on assignment for the agency she works for, and comes face to face with Countess Nadine (Miranda). It turns out that the Countess inherited this property from none other than Count Dracula! Later that evening, the Countess seduces Lynda and bites her on the neck. Days later, Lynda wakes up in a clinic, not knowing what the hell's going on. From here on, the film just gets down right bizarre, as you see Lynda alternately have encounters with the vampire countess, and toss around in her sleep, as she is experiencing nightmares. The line of reality has been crossed, and could have grave consequences.
  Vampyros Lesbos can be best described as an artsy horror film with a groovy sound track. Jess Franco successfully blends the mixture of horror and erotica, in a visually pleasing effort. Soledad Miranda has a stunning screen presence as the lesbian vampire. There are several erotic encounters between her and Stromberg, but the film never dwells on the scenes long enough, thus not making it as sleazy as it could've been. There is a lot of female nudity through out this one, and there are some bloody scenes too. Overall, this is a fine piece of vampire erotica, that's much different than other films of this nature. Highly recommended for fans of European horror and vampire enthusiasts.

-T. Luster