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Equinox (1971) (AKA The Beast)

Directed by Jack Woods
Writing credits Mark Thomas McGee (story) Jack Woods
Color by De Luxe

Edward Connell .... David Fielding
Barbara Hewitt .... Susan Turner
Frank Bonner .... Jim Hudson
Robin Christopher .... Vicki
Jack Woods .... Asmodeus
Jim Phillips .... Reporter Sloan
Fritz Leiber Jr. .... Dr. Waterman
Patrick Burke .... Branson
Jim Duron .... Orderly

Equinox is a great film that has been a personal favorite since my early childhood. Heck, I still own a silent 12 minute Super 8 version! Four teens head off to the woods to have a picnic and visit their professor. They find an ancient tome of witchcraft and evil and soon find that hell is alive and well in the woods of Northern California. Frank Bonner, who played Jim, later went on to star as Herb Tarlick in the TV comedy "WKRP in Cincinnati." If it were not for this film, "The Evil Dead" and it's sequels may not exist as Raimi was influenced strongly by certain plot elements in "Equinox." Check out the story in pictures on the following pages, I promise I wont spoil TOO much of the flick for you! There are some audio files which will require that you have a Realaudio player to hear. If you don't already have it on your system, you can download a free player here.

Onto the feature!